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Take the accurate track to higher profits.

Specify Accu-Arc® Curved Wall Products.

If you design or build curved walls, curved soffits, arches or vaulted ceilings, Accu-Arc Curved Wall Products can positively impact your bottom line.
Choose from a wide range of solutions.

Say good-bye to rolled, crimped and cut track. Our computer-controlled manufacturing process ensures uniform, accurate curves, time after time.
See how it's done.

Accu-Arc has no built-in stresses, so it holds its shape – from shop to site. It's highly stable and extremely easy to build with.
Learn why.

More and more architectural firms and construction companies are specifying Accu-Arc.
Hear what they have to say.

Accu-Arc's new elliptical soffits lay out and install easily, saving significant time and money.
Introducing Accu-Arc elliptical soffits.

Lite-gage legs let you nail wood studs into Accu-Arc track fast and easily.
New Accu-Arc LiteLegs.

Discover how we deliver higher profits around every curve. To talk to an applications rep, call toll-free at 888-288-3828.

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Member of the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau. We're dedicated to working with the construction industry in developing new and better ways to build.

Accu-Arc is a product of Streimer Sheet Metal Works, Inc., Fabricated Products Division.

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