We create safe environments for problem solvers.

Safety is serious business, which is why “Take Two” is one of our core values.

We believe that all injuries are preventable and always think through a job (“take two”) before we start, then put procedures in place that protect ourselves, our partners, and our community. We also “take two” to address any changes in conditions throughout the project.

Our Commitment to Safety

We take responsibility for our actions, continuously improve safety rules and procedures, apply safety knowledge in the shop and in the field, and always plan for safe outcomes. Our staff, which includes an internal team of experienced safety professionals and OSHA 30-trained supervisors, is accountable for implementing the safest work practices possible.


Safety Achievements and Memberships


We earned the Platinum Safety Award from ConstructSecure for scoring 95% on the Safety Assessment Program.

“Platinum status is not easily achieved. Streimer has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to implementing safety management systems resulting in exceptionally low incident rates.” — Garrett Burke, ConstructSecure CEO

  • Our safety culture has resulted in a consistently low Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR).
  • Incident frequency rates, incident severity, and incident cost are all at an all-time low at Streimer.
  • We are members of SafeBuild Alliance, a non-profit organization that works to achieve injury-free construction projects through collaboration.