Architectural Shapes

Stronger from the inside out.

Building with metal combines the best of aesthetics and durability. From our customizable curved wall tracks to one-of-a-kind architectural shapes and panels, our team crafts solutions that make your most ambitious ideas attainable.

Architectural Brake Shapes and Panels

Our exacting standards and top-of-the-line equipment give you unparalleled consistency in architectural brake shapes. From metal roofs, canopies, single wall / plate panels and flashing to window sills and interior elements, we create components that make a lasting impact. Our capabilities include:

  • Two CNC folding machines
    • 12 ga mild steel / 14 ga stainless steel, 13' length
  • Shear capacity of 10 ga mild steel, 12 ga stainless steel, 12' length

Curved Wall Products

Streimer's Accu-Arc® product line provides architects and builders an easier, more cost-effective way to deliver on their vision. From curved wall tracks and arches to ceiling clouds, the precisely cut G-90 galvanized steel is highly stable and secure, with no built-in stress points.

Accu-Arc® is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 20- to 12-gage tracks, finished accurately within 1/8" in 10 feet. It arrives ready to install — no crimping or cutting necessary. Custom labels with radius and location make sorting and assembly intuitive and fast.

“Your curved track saved me a hundred man-hours on my last job. That makes it a great investment.” — Don McCandless, Pacific Construction Systems, Inc.

Choose the Accu-Arc® product that delivers on your architectural vision.

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