Stronger HVAC solutions.

Extensive hands-on experience with different HVAC system types and environments empower our team to provide precise solutions on tight timelines.

Our facility footprint and equipment support large volume productions while allowing our team to stay agile in the face of changing schedules or priorities. Through the use of prefabrication and industry leading modular construction methods we can reduce costs and speed up site installations.

Whether your project requires one component or one thousand, we deliver your exact solution, built to last.

Our Capabilities: Round

  • Galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and other specialty materials
  • Spiral lock seam pipe  from 3" to 60+" (diameters up to 120" special order)
  • Longitudinal seam pipe up to 160" diameter
  • Mechanical seam gorelock fittings
  • Welded fittings
  • In-stock pipe and fittings up to 24" diameter
  • Materials up to 1/4" plate

Our Capabilities: Rectangular

  • Fully automated rectangular duct fabrication line
  • Duct construction to SMACNA standards
  • 26- to 16-gage galvanized steel
  • Coil width: 60" standard (30" - 72" special order)
  • Aluminum and stainless steel

METU® Duct System & Accessories

We offer the full METU® duct system and accessories for stronger HVAC solutions

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